Meet The Team


Lucy Lu, CEO

Alex Zhang, CTO

Lucy is a law firm managing partner with decades of experience in legal services and law firm management. Alex is an experienced software engineer in large scale transaction processing systems. They both graduated from Tsinghua University, China and then settled down in Atlanta, Georgia after pursuing their study in the United States. 

Contracts are critical to doing business. But the way they are created, signed, paid, analyzed and managed is time intensive and inefficient. Lucy and Alex co-founded aiLegal to simplify contract automation and management anytime, anywhere. We help businesses be more efficient, agile, and profitable.

Simple can be much harder than complex. We are determined to make a beautiful product in contract automation and management that people love to use. 

Advisory Board

Harold J. Krent

Prof. Krent graduated from Princeton University and received his law degree from New York University School of Law. Prof. Krent has spearheaded several new programs and initiatives designed to increase access to justice, with a particular focus on leveraging technology. 

David Schneider

David is an executive who transforms high-growth companies at scale. He has been instrumental in a public company's unprecedented growth to over $80+ billion in public market value. 

Hugh Pafford

Hugh is a veteran in commercial real estate market. He has special aptitude and skills for understanding growth and development trends in real estate markets. 



Director of Digital Design


Sr. Software Engineer


Algorithm Scientist


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