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Empowering lawyers to run tech-enabled law practices with ease and efficiency. Our mission at aiLegal is to bridge the gap between legal expertise and practice management, enabling lawyers to excel in their profession by providing cutting-edge software that streamlines drafting, automates processes, and fosters collaboration. 

Our Story

aiLegal was founded by immigrants and lawyers. 

Our founder, Lucy Lu, immigrated to the United States as an international law school student. Driven by a deep desire to help immigrants navigate the complexities of immigration law, Lucy founded a boutique law firm in Atlanta, United States over 10 years ago, and then expanded it into New York and San Francisco. Lawyers are not taught how to run law practices in law schools. As an insider, Lucy knows exactly the pain of running a law practice. 

Recognizing the inefficiencies and challenges faced by lawyers in our day-to-day work, Lucy embarked on a new venture in aiLegal, along with the tech co-founder, Alex Zhang, in helping lawyers draft, automate, and collaborate. 


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