Hello, we're aiLegal. 

All-in-one platform to automate and manage contracts


What's aiLegal?

aiLegal is a cloud-based SaaS contract automation platform, which effectively automates and manages contracts and legal documents. 

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How aiLegal?

Step 1: Build templates for dynamic contracts

Step 2: Build workflows for automation

Step 3: Automate contracts

Step 4: Monitor end-to-end contract automation and management


Why aiLegal?

We help businesses be more efficient, agile, and profitable. 

Collaborate effortlessly anytime, anywhere

Collaborate with team to generate and approve contracts and documents, and act proactively in contract lifecycle management.

Automate contracts and workflows seamlessly

Automate contracts and documents from generation, approval, e-sign, e-pay, search and track, analysis, and storage. 

Monitor end-to-end contract automation and management

Attain end-to-end visibility of contract automation process, and identify and handle resources bottlenecks and process issues. 










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  • Beginner Plan


    per user per month

    Perfect for people with low volume contract

    work or people just want to try it

    • Single user

    • Template editor to create rich media dynamic contracts for automation 

    • Workflow editor

    • Automate generation of contracts and documents

    • Automate approval

    • Automate e-Sign

    • Automate e-Pay

    • Automate storage

    • Track and search

    • Analyze and forecast

    • Reminders and notifications

    • User activities audits

    • Branding

    • 7 days a week online chat and email support



    * 5 envelopes for free per month for e-Sign. $1.99 per additional envelope beyond monthly limit.

    *1% transaction fee plus 50 cents for each transaction of automated payment

  • Business Pro Plan



    per user per month

    Perfect to teams with high volume contract

    work for collaboration

    All the beginner plan features plus:

    • Multiple users

    • User management

    • User collaboration

    • Signer attachment





    * 1% transaction fee plus 50 cents for each transaction of automated payment

    *20 envelopes limit per user per month for e-Sign. $1.99 per additional envelope beyond monthly limit. If users integrate with their own DocuSign accounts, there is no limit of envelope for e-Sign and there is no separate charge for envelope for e-Sign. 

  • Customized Plan

    Let's Talk

    TBD Price

    Perfect for teams requiring highest efficiency for customized contract automation or integration

    All the business pro plan features plus: ​

    • Custom workflows for super powerful automation

    • Custom dynamic contract templates for super powerful automation

    • Custom API integrations

    • Custom cloud, hybrid, or on-premise storage. 


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