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Complex legal work,
Get it done right.

How lawyers draft, automate, and collaborate matters. Do it together to make a difference in the world.

Quality Legal Drafting

Automation for Efficency

Secure & Reliable

Better Collaboration

Future Way to Practice Law 

aiLegal is a software company in collaborative legal drafting and automation. We help lawyers draft, automate, and collaborate.  It is designed to empower lawyers in their daily practice.


What We Offer

Our software offers a range of features to help lawyers draft, automate and collaborate on legal documents with ease. Click here to learn more about our solutions.

Draft with Ease

Our software provides easy-to-use drafting tools to help lawyers create high-quality legal documents faster and more accurately.

Smart Automation Tools

Our software provides smart automation tools to help you save time and reduce errors in your legal document workflow.

anytime anywhere

Collaborate with team in legal drafting and automation, while keeping paper trail and version control.

All-In-One Solution

Our software provides a comprehensive solution for all aspects of legal document drafting, automation and collaboration.

Built for Lawyers, by Lawyers

Our software is designed by lawyers for lawyers. We understand the unique challenges of legal document drafting and have created a solution that streamlines the process and enhances the quality of your work.

All-In-One Toolkit

Integrated Storage, eSign, and ePay.

Collaborate with Ease

Trusted Among Legal Professionals

Our software is trusted by legal professionals across the world. 

aiLegal Law square.png

What Our Clients Say

“Our law firm has been using aiLegal for 2 years and it has transformed the way we work from legal drafting, document automation, and document collaboration. It is the future way of practice law. It is an essential tool for any legal professionals who want to stay ahead of the practice.”

Lucy Lu


“aiLegal software is a game-changer for lawyers. I am a litigator in the Court. There are simply no other software like aiLegal, which can be used by us to draft and automate high quality court files, from complaints, pleadings, briefs, to motions. The work products are ready to be filed with Courts in just a few minutes. Simply amazing! ”

Liam Liu


“aiLegal software has revolutionized our legal document drafting process. It has saved us time and enhanced the quality of our work. It helps a law firm to spread the knowledge and keep the quality of work consistent good.”

Tai Barksdale

Law Clerk

Explore Our Pricing Options

We offer a range of pricing options to suit every budget. Click here to learn more about our pricing plans.

  • Best Value

    Premium, Per User

    Every month
    +$500 one time setup fee + 1-hr onboarding
    Perfect for a busy small and middle size law firm to achieve practice efficiency.
    • Unlimited creation of templates
    • Unlimited creation of workflows
    • Unlimited e-signature
    • Unlimited collaboration
    • Integration of Clio, Stripe, and Paypal
    • Branding
    • Access to all aiLegal templates licensed to use
    • Marketplace to purchase additional templates per use

Get ready for the future way of practice law. Click here to learn more.

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