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  • Provide end-to-end automation management for all stages of documents in daily operations

  • Collaborate document management inside and outside of organizations seamlessly

  • Collect payments instantly with integrate payment gateways, such as paypal and stripe

aiLegal enables non-profits to automate the management of document lifecycle, simplifies volunteer recruiting and onboarding, and collects and manages donations seamlessly. 

document automatin

Automate each step of the document lifecycle management

aiLegal enables non-profits to build documents and workflows into aiLegal platform for the daily operation automation. aiLegal eliminates manual and paper-based workflows inside of the organizations. 

With aiLegal's cloud computing capability, non-profits can automate highly efficient workflows for recruiting and onboarding volunteers, collecting donations at scale easily. 


Collaborate documents inside and outside of organizations seamlessly

aiLegal makes sure your team always on the same pages with your clients, vendors,  and counterparties through its real-time negotiation, commenting, and auto storage features. 

Collect payments instantly along with the e-signed donor agreements

aiLegal automates donor agreements and collects payments along with the e-signed donor agreement, per the terms of the agreements. 

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