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Legal Services

  • Build, deploy, and share practice bundles in all areas of practice

  • Automate document generation, negotiation, execution, and management

  • Collaborate inside and outside of organizations seamlessly

aiLegal enables law firms of all sizes to provide better, faster, and cheaper legal services to their customers by accelerating each step of document lifecycle stages. 

Empower proprietary legal knowledge to build practice bundles

Your legal knowledge is the gold of your practice. It is time to let aiLegal to empower your proprietary legal knowledge and scale it for your exclusive use. 

aiLegal enables you to build practice bundles in all areas of your practice from a single document to a workflow connecting multiple correlated documents. 

aiLegal helps you move your practice to next level: high efficiency, error-free, and seamless collaboration. 

Automate each step of the document lifecycle management

aiLegal automates end-to-end document lifecycle management with integrated e-signature and e-payment features. 

aiLegal enables you to fast-track your documents and increase efficiencies at scale in error-free quality. 

Collaborate documents inside and outside of organizations seamlessly

aiLegal makes sure your team always on the same page with your customers, vendors, and counterparties through its real-time negotiation and commenting features. 

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