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Information Technology

  • Provide end-to-end automation management for all stages of documents from service agreement to SOW

  • Collaborate document management inside and outside of organizations seamlessly

  • Automate compliance to government agencies, such as U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, and Department of Labor for employment management.

aiLegal enables information technology companies of all sizes to streamline and automate its document lifecycle management, team collaboration, and compliance to government agencies. 

document automatin

Automate each step of the document lifecycle management

We know how challengeable for IT companies to monitor each stage of all kinds of documents from service agreement, SOW, employment agreement, non-compete agreement, to NDA. aiLegal automates end-to-end document lifecycle management and empower IT companies to master their agreements with transparency

Collaborate documents inside and outside of organizations seamlessly

aiLegal makes sure your team always on the same pages with your customers, vendors, employees, and counterparties through its real-time negotiation, commenting, and auto storage features. 

aiLegal allows IT companies to build documents and workflows for their common daily operations to scale with high efficiency. 


Automate compliance to government agencies and help you achieve peace of mind

aiLegal empowers IT companies to automate compliance related documents and workflows, including maintaining compliance with audit standards, facilitating a risk-based approach to the design and implementation of internal controls, and implementing legally mandated program management and controls.

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