aiLegal allows users to create dynamic and digital contracts from your own templates, and system defined/branded legal products.

aiLegal only creates dynamic and digital contracts. Think aiLegal's legal products like an input/output mini-machine with aiLegal engine. Users select their preferred legal products, such as hiring, terminating, NDA, and etc., and then input real-time business needs. aiLegal processes selected legal products driven by users' inputs to output machine executable workflows and contracts. aiLegal then executes and enforces contracts automatically per terms of contracts.  

aiLegal provides flexibility to its users to create their own contract templates from existing ones and create their own workflows for automation. No coding skills needed!

aiLegal allows users to define their own contract templates, parties, variables and content of contracts. Easy, smart and efficient! 

aiLegal creates beautiful contracts without font inconsistency. Whatever you see is whatever you create in contracts. 

aiLegal wants its users to look good and feel good with their own branding. 


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