How to create your first contract template for automation?

Estimated time needed: 5 minutes - 25 minutes depending on the contract complexity

Role required: Any role

Deployment: Instantly

aiLegal provides powerful template editor, which an user can utilize to create templates for dynamic contract generation and automation. It takes approximate 5 minutes to 25 minutes for an user to create a contract template depending on the complexity of contract itself. Here are the step by step instructions.

  • Step 1: Log in aiLegal portal and click "Template Editor".

  • Step 2: Click "Add New Template"

  • Step 3: Select either "Agreement" or "Letter" format for the contract template. A letter format bears the letterhead pre-configured by an administrator user of a business.

  • Step 4: Select the category for the new template from pre-defined categories or a new category customized by a user.

  • Step 5: Type the template name, add description, and add title of the template. Please note that the title of the template will be displayed as contract subject line.

  • Step 6: Customize "Party Processor" with configuration of party number, party description, party member number, party member's type, and default setting. The customized Party Processor allows future dynamic contract creation driven by real-time data.

  • Step 7: Create variables for the new contract template. In this sample contract template, we'll create three basic variables for "effective date", "sales item", and "sales price".

Create a variable for "effective date".

Create a variable for "sales item" and list "necklace" as a default value.

Create a variable for "sales price" and list $"3000" as a default value.

  • Step 8: Customize "Terms and Condition Processor" with variables.

Insert content of "terms and conditions" to be edited.

Select variables from "Custom Variables", "System Provided Variables" and "Signer Filled Fields" and insert selected variables to the content of "terms and conditions" of the new contract template.

Insert a customized variable for "effective date" into the content of "terms and condition". Then insert customized variables for "sales item" and "sales price".

Insert "Signer Filled Fields" into the content of "terms and condition".

  • Step 9: Save the new template.

  • Step 10: Locate the newly created template in "Automation Hub" for automation.

Congratulations!! You have successfully created your first template!



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