How to connect your DocuSign account to aiLegal for automation?

It is not required that you shall have your separate DocuSign account to use aiLegal for e-Signature. However, if you connect your own DocuSign account to aiLegal, you'll have the following benefits:

  1. Contracts and documents generated from aiLegal for automation will be stored automatically to your DocuSign account, in addition to a copy in aiLegal.

  2. You can configure the e-Signature in your DocuSign account with more flexibility.

However, please note the great flexibility also means great responsibility. If you connect your DocuSign account and fail to set up the configuration correctly in DocuSign, all parties may not be able to receive the signed documents. DocuSign is built into aiLegal for e-Signature automation with correct configuration without the connection to your own DocuSign account. It is your choice to connect or not to connect to your own DocuSign account with aiLegal.