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aiLegal now helps Clio's law firm users in seamless document automation and management.

Atlanta, GA, December 23, 2020

aiLegal (, a cloud-based SaaS contract automation platform, today announced the integration with Clio (, a cloud-based legal practice management platform. aiLegal simplifies contract automation, management, and collaboration anytime, anywhere. With the aiLegal and Clio integration, law firms can easily build templates and workflows, instantly create error-free contracts and documents, run automation from approval, e-sign, e-pay to storage, and monitor end-to-end automation and management to identify and handle processes issues.

“The legal industry has started accepting and embracing technology to increase efficiency.” said Lucy Lu, the CEO and founder of aiLegal, “Legal industry is complex and conservative. It is essential that technology companies shall have a deep understanding of legal domain and continue to develop innovational technologies for legal industry. I am proud to be part of the joint efforts.”

The aiLegal and Clio integration has the following features for law firms:

Automate Contracts and Documents Seamlessly

  • Initiate document automation for selected matters in Clio.

  • Automate documents from generation, approval, e-sign, e-pay, search and track, and storage.

  • Return generated documents, signed and unsigned, automatically to Clio under selected matters.

Build Best Practices into Templates and Workflows

  • Build templates for error-free contracts and documents.

  • Build workflows for automation.

  • Deploy templates and workflows to scale automation instantly.

  • No coding skills needed.

Monitor End-to-end Contract Automation and Management

  • Gain visibility of automation processes.

  • Identify and handle resource bottlenecks, and process issues.

Collaborate Effortlessly Anytime, Anywhere.

  • Share generated contracts and documents for editing and approval in team.

  • Take actions of “Edit”, “delete”, “resend”, “void”, “complete offline”, and “copy as a new event” on generated contracts and documents.

  • Add notes and reminders on generated contracts and documents.

  • Text a link to collect instant payments from clients.

We are looking forward to serving the Clio community and legal community.

About aiLegal

aiLegal is a powerful cloud-based SaaS contract automation platform. It simplifies contract automation and management anytime, anywhere.

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