aiLegal announces a targeted launch of its product by July 6, 2020

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Released on June 5, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia.

aiLegal today announced a targeted launch of its product by July 6, 2020.

aiLegal is a smart cloud legal platform, secured and encrypted, to help its users to create legal files instantly, automate legal workflows for daily operation, collect payments and e-signatures instantly per the terms of legal contracts, store and manage files in real-time, and communicate and share files and information under its users’ full control.

aiLegal is a self-help legal tool to empower its users with more capabilities, better efficiency, increased reliability while gaining more controls of their data in an affordable way. Through aiLegal platform, legal documents and automated workflows are optimized and evolved by the drive of machine learning, big data analysis, and other artificial intelligence technology. aiLegal’s legal documents are machine readable and automatically executable. aiLegal’s automated workflows are data driven with maximum efficiency, relevancy, and accuracy. Through aiLegal, eSignatures and payments can be collected instantly per the terms of legal contracts without off-line coordination. The data processed in aiLegal are encrypted and secured during transit, transaction, and storage. The infrastructure is built to satisfy the requirements of the most security sensitive organizations. Legal documents in aiLegal platform can be created by its users, blocks by blocks, to their preference through aiLegal’s proprietary modular technology. You create your own legal documents just like playing Lego!

“aiLegal is one of the startups born in the darkest economic downturn. We were hit by coronavirus outbreak first and then by corporate and management restructure. Despite all these challenges, we are persistent in delivering a GREAT product to the world!” said Lucy Lu, the Founder and CEO of aiLegal. “aiLegal is reinventing legal service for the better. aiLegal empowers our users to utilize their data through innovative technology of our platform, securely and encrypted, to make informed decisions and execute them through automated legal documents, workflow, instant payments and e-signatures per terms of legal contracts. There is a huge underserved legal market in the United States where people cannot afford traditional law firm’s service but have legal problems to be solved. We want to make legal information accessible and affordable to everyone at the time it matters. aiLegal is not competing with law firms. The cost to maintain law firms’ operation is very high. Therefore, the formula for most law firms to constantly offer low fee schedule to the public is simply not workable. aiLegal also wants to help law firms evolve to next generation of law firms by improving their capabilities, efficiency, and reliability while reducing operating costs.” she added.

For potential aiLegal users, if you are interested in trying aiLegal’s product during a 3-month free proof of concept (“p.o.c”) period, here is the procedure:

  1. Please request a demo from the website of aiLegal

  2. aiLegal’s team will then schedule a 30-minute demo presentation with you

  3. aiLegal will also select limited poc users and send selected users registration invitation once the product is launch by July 6, 2020.

Please contact for any product inquiries.



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