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aiLegal and FileStorm Establish Strategic Collaboration

For Immediate Release: 11/15/2019


aiLegal and FileStorm Establish Strategic Collaboration to Develop Secure Blockchain Storage for Programmable Legal Contracts

Atlanta, GA and Shenzhen, China – November 15, 2019 – aiLegal, a legal tech startup based in Atlanta, GA dedicating in building next generation legal platform on blockchain, and FileStorm, a blockchain company dedicated in building decentralized storage network on top of IPFS protocol and MOAC blockchain, announced today that the companied have entered into a strategic collaboration to develop secure blockchain storage for programmable legal contracts. The collaboration will combine aiLegal’s innovative technologies in intelligent legal file automation, execution and transaction and legal workflow automation and FileStorm’s big data storing, processing and sharing platform which offers much more cost efficient and securer option than today’s cloud storage service.

“aiLegal has identified multiple options for secure and cost effective blockchain storage for its users’ programmable legal contracts. FileStorm is one of the best options. FileStorm has developed an innovative data verification consensus technology for securer and lower cost options in this blockchain storage space.”, said Lucy Lu, CEO of aiLegal. “FileStorm is committed to providing secure and quality file storage service to aiLegal’s users through its north American nodes. We are looking forward to our successful collaboration between aiLegal and FileStorm.”

“As a company founded on groundbreaking research and expertise in blockchain, we have seen firsthand how new technologies are dramatically expanding the file storage.” said Raymond Fu, CEO of FileStorm, “aiLegal is a leading legal tech startup company heavily processing its users’ legal files. FileStorm is proud to be partner with aiLegal to rapidly and effectively provide secure and cost effective blockchain storage solution to aiLegal’s users.”

About aiLegal

aiLegal is a SasS company providing services of generating and managing 100% structured legal information and 100% automated legal workflow, immutable execution of programmable legal contracts, and intelligent life-cycle recommendation and planning for individuals and businesses. Please visit http://www.ailegal.com/ for more information.

About FileStorm

FileStorm is a decentralized storage network built on top of IPFS protocol and MOAC Blockchain. IPFS, InterPlanetary File System is a file sharing protocol on a P2P network. MOAC is a public Blockchain that supports multiple business applications with high performance and scalable architecture. With an original data verification consensus implemented with these two cutting-edge technology, FileStorm is built to become next generation big data storing, processing and sharing platform, which is much more cost efficient than today’s cloud storage service. Please visit https://filestorm.net/?language=en for more information.


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