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Our Story

Our founder, Ms. Lucy Lu, has been a managing attorney for a boutique law firm in the United States for over 10 years. Her vision is to build a tech-enabled law practice to deliver better, faster, and cheaper legal services to the public. 

After over 10 years of tireless effort, Lucy came to realize that it was simply difficult to deliver the legal services she wanted. It looked that "better, faster, and cheaper" could not co-exist in the service industry. There were no sufficient technologies in the market to drive legal services to the next level. 

When Lucy dived deeper and deeper in the legal industry, more and more problems came out. 

  • How to effectively manage organization wide knowledge?

  • How to aggressively increase efficiency in document lifecycle management?

  • How to effectively pass knowledge to new team players?

  • How to ensure quality of work while aggressively increasing efficiency?

  • How to seamlessly collaborate inside and outside of the organization?

  • How to monitor end-to-end document automation management in real time?

  • How to effortlessly analyze data and forecast from documents collected and generated?

None of those problems are easy to solve. In 2020, Lucy decided to found aiLegal, a software company inventing cloud-based SaaS document automation platform, to solve those problems. Lucy then recruited Alex Zhang, an experienced software engineer in large scale transaction processing system, as her co-founder in aiLegal. 

Lucy and Alex both graduated from Tsinghua University, China and settled down in Atlanta, Georgia after pursuing their study in the United States. Here comes the picture of the very first day that Lucy discussed the aiLegal adventure with Alex.

Alex and Lucy.jpg

Last but not least, upon the successful launch of aiLegal, Lucy's law firm became an early aiLegal adopter. Lucy and her law firm is back to the track to deliver better, faster and cheaper legal services to the public through aiLegal Law, a tech-enabled law practice. 

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